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At a time of immense 
we make sense
of it all

What do we  provide?

Clear answers to the questions you have around your toughest marketing decisions, regardless of the scale and the complexity of the challenge



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How I Can Help You



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What can you expect?

A totally new and innovative approach to maximising marketing effectiveness and
delivering profitable growth for your business

How do we do this?

We fuse insights from a range of disciplines into a SINGLE clear narrative that bridges marketing and financial decision making. Our fully integrated disciplines include:
~Market Research                             ~Predictive & Optimization Analytics

~Creative Strategy                             ~Media Strategy                                   



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Photo courtesy of Crater Lake National Park

Who are we?

David Beaton


& modeling

Hilary Woods

Creative strategy

& insights

We are Crater Lake & Co, a marketing collective comprising complementary areas

of expertise, with operations in New York, Toronto and London

A collective because we believe that not only does the “silo’ing” of skills get in the way of understanding the bigger picture, it’s also a direct and indirect cost to your business

And in case you were wondering, our name is inspired by Crater Lake, Oregon. Home to
the clearest water on the planet


Fortune 500

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Who do we work with?

Between us, we’ve worked across most categories, mainly for FORTUNE 500 companies. These include, American Express, BSkyB, Delta Air Lines, Heineken, Staples, The Coca-Cola Company, TSB Bank, Unilever

and VW

When should we talk?

If you have access to more data than ever before, yet the story of what that data truly means is unclear,

let's talk



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Many companies have the pieces of the measurement puzzle in place. The real challenge is in crafting a clear performance narrative.  This is where Crater Lake & Co

fit in

PETE MARKEY, Chief Marketing Officer, Boots UK

Crater Lake are integrators in a dis-integrating world

JOHN BARTLE, ex-CEO, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

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